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Excursion duration: half day - Individual participation fees: € 30 - For children 2-12 years old: € 25



Morning departure from the hotel by GT coach to reach the caves of Castelcivita. Once arrived you will meet with the speleological guide and will be provided with an audioguide. The caves are 5 km long and are one of the longest complexes in Italy. The entrance opens at 94 metres above the sea level and between the river Calore and the south-western side of the Alburni mountains, showing immediately an astonishing scene of tunnels, wide spaces and narrow corridors created by the millenary action of karst erosion. Inside the caves, the charm of a surrealistic landscape, where the perpetual dripping water goes on to create stalactites and stalagmites. Once the tour finishes you will be given some free time before being escorted to the Casale for lunch time.

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