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Velia is a UNESCO world heritage archaeological site, a 45-minute drive from Casale il Saùco. The city was founded in the 540 B.C by a group of greeks exiled from Phocaea. The site is mostly known for the Greek philosophers Parmenides and Zeno founders of the Eleatic philosophy school. The site is characterised by remains of Hellenistic, Roman and medieval buildings, amongst which the remains of the Angevin tower, walls, the 'Porta Rosa' and 2 churches.

The Eleatic Philosophy

The site is the place of birth of the most important Eleatic philosophers, Parmenides and Zenone. The philosophy believes in the immutability of the being and tries to resolve the dogma of existence through reason. According to Parmenides truth is based on reason and sense; Zenone sets the principles of the sophistic dialectic through the theory of 'proof by contradiction'. Amongst the most interesting anecdotes ‘Achille and the turtle’, from which Einstein took inspiration to create the theory of relativity.

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The Remains

Velia is divided into three areas: the southern district, northern district and the Acropolis.

In the southern area, the remains of the Roman and Hellenistic thermal baths characterised by mosaics of marine life and terracotta tubs. In the northern district the 'Porta Rosa' and 'Porta Marina', which used to be of strategic importance for the city. In the Acropolis, remains of a Roman theatre and various sacred areas dedicated to the Gods.

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