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Santa Maria di Castellabate Hotel Cilento Apartments Castellabate

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The Caves of Castelcivita

The Caves of Castelcivita are about an hour's drive from Casale il Saùco.

About 5 km long, the caves of Castelcivita are one of Italy’s longest complex of caves. The tourist path is 1.2 km long and is characterised by stalagmites and stalactites resembling different objects, giving the name to the various chambers. Following on is a further 1.8 km path with amazing formations of different colours and dimensions. Prior reservation is needed to book this path, with a minimum of 8 people required. The expert path starts at the end of the amateur path and continues for a further 2 km.

Dante's Inferno

Dance with the devil in the caves of Castelcivita thanks to the magnificent theatre play of Dante's 'Inferno'. Dante Alighieri is the most important Italian poet, globally famous for his literary production the 'Divine Comedy', which describes a legendary trip through the 3 eternal reigns. The theatre production narrates the poet's journey through the darkest of the reigns: 'Hell'. A cast of 30 actors will fascinate you and transport you through a representation of what has been believed to be for centuries the 'after life'. 

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