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San Marco di Castellabate

San Marco di Castellabate is a medieval village a 10-minute drive from Casale il Saùco. It dates back to the roman period, of which the only remains are part of the ancient port, which emerges from the waters of San Marco and around which the new harbour was built. Once known as the Roman city of Erculia it used to be of military support for boats heading towards the Imperial fleet. Today it is possible to hire boats, take a guided tour to the beautiful and fascinating island of Licosa or take a trip to the island of Capri. 

The  Turrett

The 16th century palace used to be owned by the noble Granito family. It's primary function was defensive, used as a look-out tower to identify possible invaders, however it was also used for agricultural production. Legend has it that the palace was traditionally the local farmers 'Jus prima noctis' place to ensure the village's prosperity.

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The Church

The Church of Saint Mark Evangelist dates back to 1915. The entrance facade is characterised by a Latin inscription and a relief of Saint Mark's symbol, the lion with the Gospel. The two columns feature statutes representing Saint Theresa and Saint Anthony. To the rear there is a magnificent romanesque bell tower divided on three levels.  

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