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Excursion duration: 7 hours - Individual participation fees: € 40 - For children 3 -12 years old: € 30



Morning departure from the Casale by GT bus to reach a globally recognised dairy farm. Here you will be taken on a guided tour of the location through a suggestive path which shows the stables, the mozzarella production process, the leather shop, and the rural museum. Discover the ancient techniques of the master cheesemakers who work by hand the mixture before tasting the freshly made buffalo mozzarella. Free time for a freshly made buffalo milk ice cream and possibility of purchasing dairy products before being escorted back to Paestum. The guided visit generally starts form the archeological site where you can admire the three large Doric temples: the Temple of Hera which dates back to the VIth century BC; the Temple of Neptune a huge building made of travertine marble in a warm golden colour that varies depending on the time of the day; and the temple of Ceres the smallest, but not less interesting. The tour then continues to the National Archaeological Museum which houses many priceless findings from the river Sele amongst which the famous Diver’s tomb, which symbolically represents the transition from life to the afterlife. After the visit, you will be given free time to visit the many souvenir shops, or simply grab a refreshment at one of Paestum's popular bars. Finally, you will be escorted back to the Casale. 

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