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Licosa is a beautiful island, a 10 minute drive from Casale il Saùco. The area is characterised by robust pines, typical Mediterranean flora and fauna and a rocky coastline. It is part of the marine reserve of Castellabate, which has as symbol and soul the Licosa lighthouse. It is ideal to enjoy a quiet and relaxing walk immersed in nature or take a boat trip from San Marco di Castellabate.

The Myth 

The island was named ‘Licosa’ after the legend of Leucosia, one of the three mermaids encountered by Ulisse in the Odyssey. The tale narrates that she failed in seducing the sailors to follow her at sea and for the disappointment committed suicide. As a matter of fact they tied themselves up to the mainmast to hear the mystic chant without loosing control of the ship. As a punishment, Poseidon, God of the seas transformed her in the first rock of the Licosa coast. To date, the myth lives in the name of Punta Licosa which stands for 'point of Licosa'.

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The concerts

Each year in July and August the Leucosia Association organises ‘concerts on the sea’ dedicated to the myth of the Leucosia mermaid. The concerts take place on floating platforms erected between the Licosa island and the mainland.

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